Light Haulage

Light Haulage2022-07-26T15:39:45+00:00

The Newland Express Transport same-day/Haulage service can transport any item from an envelope up to a 26 tonne load anywhere within the UK or Europe. We also have access to groupage service for goods travelling worldwide.

Our staff at Newland Express Transport have over 50 years combined experience in the haulage industry. Together they have the transport knowledge, advice and solutions that are both cost effective and efficient.

Our light haulage vehicles have tail lifts with on board pump trucks to lift the pallets off in a safe and secure manor, tail lift deliveries are offered as a free addition to the delivery. As long as the ground the delivery will be taken off on, is smooth and curb free. Our deliveries are curb side but we endeavour to offload the pallets as close to the doorstep as possible.

With us being part of The Pallet Network, we need cost effective and efficient vehicles when delivering and collecting pallets. We have a varied range of vehicles from a Luton van to 44tonne articulated Lorries. Access is always important when routing vehicles daily, to allow us to enter streets and cul-de-sacs to get deliveries offloaded to the customers’ expectations. That’s where Newland Express employee’s knowledge comes into action, knowing the area they deliver in, is key to an efficient company who can deliver what they promise.