Newland Express Transport operate from a 12,000 sq ft premises that can accommodate single or multiple pallet storage needs, at a competitive and cost effective rate.

Our warehousing services in Hull provide you with a number of options such as:

  • Storage
  • Short or long term solutions
  • Rotation of Stock
  • Stock control

The strategic location of our warehousing service can also reduce shipment/storage costs overall by seeking us to do both your storage and distributing.

Our warehouse is situated next to the A63, giving excellent transport links for UK Pallet deliveries, and we are only a few miles from the ferry ports. The benefit of our location is that transport rates from our warehouse facility to the ports are greatly reduced.

Inventory is key when using our storage services, we have fully functional industrial racking systems in our warehouse, with the use of multiple forklifts on site we are able to move pallets to their desired location, quickly and efficiently. Within the racking we have bays that are numbered and alphabetised, this creates an easy and effective way of keeping an up to date inventory of where your pallets are within our warehouse, so rest assured your pallets are always safe and entered on our inventory lists.

We utilise the technology we have on site to enable us to assist you with stock control on your pallets, whether you need a full pallet sending or part pallets sending, we are able to keep control of the stock remaining in our warehouse to enable your business to run as smoothly as ours.